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Most of the links on the Results page provide access to data from a single model experiment. You may also download tar files containing: all of the data files (files.tgz), data from the historical experiments (files_his.tgz), data from the idealized experiments (files_ide.tgz), data from the RCP scenarios (files_rcp.tgz), or data from the irreversibility experiments (files_irr.tgz). These files can be uncompressed with the command "tar -xvzf" followed by the tar file name. A directory with the same name as the start of the tgz file will be created and this directory will contain the appropriate uncompressed experiment subdirectories and data files.

Results are not filtered. All models did not carry out all experiments. For models that carried out ensemble simulations with more than 10 members (CLIMBER 2 and GENIE), only the ensemble mean is provided, but for LOVECLIM, the five ensemble members (LO1 to LO5) are also available. Within an experiment directory, data files are available for each model that performed the experiment. File names use the short form of the model followed by the short form of the experiment to identify the data. There are no headers in these ASCII data files. Variables were written with an 11e16.8 format, so they are space delimited. Time increases with row and the columns are: YEAR, SAT, OHU, RAD, SLR, AMOC, EMIT, CO2, TCARB, OCARB, LCARB. Time is centred in the middle of the year that the data represents. All data are global mean annual average values. Missing values are set to -9.99000000e+98.

Short forms for models, experiments and variables are as follows:

Models: Experiments: Variables: