9. Output Variables

Please only provide global mean averages of quantities, with the exception of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (MOC) and zonally-averaged surface air temperature. All variables are given as annual mean values over the length of the entire integration. Data spacing for submission is 1 year, only. By annual mean of year 2013 we mean the average from 1.1.2013 to 31.12.2013 (see also section 10.3 for an example). Methane should be excluded from all carbon inventories and diagnosed CO2 emissions.

  1. Time in years (yr) CE.
  2. Global mean surface air temperature in degrees Celsius (C).
  3. Globally integrated ocean heat uptake in Joules per year (J/yr).
  4. Total estimated radiative forcing from all externally specified forcing in Watts per metre squared (W/m2). See the Forcing page for specified forcing.
  5. Global sea level rise in meters (m) due to thermal expansion only. Thermal expansion is to be calculated from in situ density that depends on in situ temperature, salinity, and pressure.
  6. Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in Sverdrups (Sv), defined as the maximum of the annual mean of the Atlantic meridional overturning, north of the equator and below 500 m depth.
  7. Diagnosed or specified emissions in Petagrams of carbon per year (Pg/yr). Include any specified land use emissions.
  8. Atmospheric pCO2 in parts per million by volume (ppmv).
  9. Total carbon inventory in the model system in Petagrams (Pg) of carbon. If sediments and weathering are included, the net change in carbon inventory from the spinup due to these components should be added rather than the total inventory.
  10. Total carbon inventory of the ocean in Petagrams (Pg) of carbon.
  11. Total carbon inventory on land (litter + soils + vegetation) in Petagrams (Pg) of carbon.

10. Output Convention

Output is requested in ASCII format only.

10.1 comment lines

The first lines include all the comments. Each comment line starts with the hash sign # The very first line provides the number of comment lines that precede the data (e.g. # 6). In the remaining comment lines please provide:

  1. Name, address, e-mail, phone, fax of contact person
  2. Explanation of the model, model references and other comments should be included.In the explanation please include the conversion your model uses between ppmv and PgC. This is important since models have slightly different atmospheric volumes. CDIAC suggests this conversion should be approximately 2.13. Comments must include:
            1. Model Name and Version
            2. Run Name / Run Type
            3. Summary description of run including its duration
            4. Date of production/submission.
  3. The last few comment lines hold headers with the variable names and units
10.2 Data

Annual mean data are provided after the comment lines in ascending years. Time should be centred in the middle of the averaging period. All annual mean data are to be calculated by averaging over the time period January 1-December 31. The last columns are for EMICs including a carbon cycle component.

Missing values should be flagged using the number -0.999E99 as flag values.

Sufficient digits should be provided to allow for the calculation of the first derivative. Exponential format is prefered.

Data must be provided in the units indicated.

The arrangement of columns should be as indicated below. If a variable is not calculated, please fill the column with flags.

10.3 Example

# 6
# In this example the first 6 lines are comment lines The first
# line is followed by 5 comment lines The last two comment lines
# indicate variable names and units
# (yr) (C) (J/yr) (W/m2) (m) (Sv) (Pg/yr) (ppmv) (Pg) (Pg) (Pg)
8.505000e+02 1.325508e+01 -1.086131e+21 7.034367e-02 1.142621e-04 2.136895e+01 -1.089813e-01 2.792666e+02 3.969634e+04 3.727792e+04 1.825539e+03
8.515000e+02 1.323345e+01 -1.086052e+21 -1.495757e-01 -8.391589e-05 2.136735e+01 1.163665e-01 2.792719e+02 3.969633e+04 3.727792e+04 1.825516e+03

10.4 Zonal-averaged surface air temperature

In order to look at the polar amplification between EMICs we require an additional file that contains annual- and zonal-averaged surface air temperature from Experiment 7c at years 0, 70 and 140. Please submit the data in the following format:

Year (0, 70 or 140), Latitude (Degrees), zonal-averaged annual mean SAT (C)

11. Time Line

Submissions of results, including relevant references and descriptions of the model used should be completed as soon as possible. We hope to get most results by August. Please send output by email to:

If sending results by email is not possible, please let us know and we will make other arrangements.